Scholarship/Tuition Assistance

Our founders believed that if a student had a desire for music they should be able study regardless of their ability to pay full tuition. The commitment to students in financial need remains strong and tuition assistance in the form of need-based scholarships are available to students of all ages & abilities. Any student who feels they cannot afford full tuition may apply by filling out a tuition assistance form

Tuition Assistance is provided on a sliding scale determined by a combination of:

  1. Family's reported income,
  2. Weighing of extenuating circumstances
  3. Amount of tuition the family can realistically afford.

A recent tax return, pay stub, or paperwork regarding disability or public assistance musit be provided for verifcation of income.  The executive director reviews the information, meets with the students and families and strives to fill any gap between the tuition fee and what the family is able to pay.