Privacy Policy

Your privacy is of paramount importance to us

Rockland Conservatory of Music recognizes the importance of protecting the personal information it obtains from its donors and friends. A strict policy of confidentiality prohibits the disclosure or exchange of any such personal information with third parties.

Collection and use of information on this website

RCM's website does not set cookies and it does not collect IP addresses.

What information RCM collects

At a minimum, RCM collects names and addresses. It keeps additional information such as home phone and e-mail address, business address, and business phone and e-mail address, if such information is offered voluntarily.

How RCM obtains personal information

All personal information is gathered on a voluntary basis. The vast majority of information is collected directly from individuals. Some names and addresses of potential individual donors are provided to RCM by established individual donors.

All parents and guardians of minors who enroll at RCM, and all adult students, voluntarily provide their personal information to the school when they register. Individuals who attend or purchase tickets to RCM's public and fund-raising events may provide contact information of prospective supporters for the school's use.

How RCM uses personal information

RCM mails fund-raising appeals to all parents, guardians, adult students who are currently registered at the school, as well as to established individual donors and others whose personal information may have been provided in connection with their attendance at an RCM event. These individuals also receive notices of the school's public events, including concerts by students, faculty and guest artists. In addition, some of these individuals receive occasional invitations to fund-raising events.